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So I was out on a site visit today looking at a gentlemans farm and helping him with some conservation planning and farm planning. He was showing me around and we were chit-chating when we walked into his make shift chicken coop. I found 30 hens and 7 roosters and 30 rabbits inside a coop made out of garage doors with no windows, no ventilation, and a light on from 10 ish to midnight. The girls had so much bare skin, so little feathers, they were picking at each other, chasing each other and fighting. I have seen conditions like this more than once. It makes me so angry. They had no water, food was very little. I have to bite my tongue with people like this. I am here to help them get the animlas OUT of this condition, get the animals into better housing, healthy pastures, clean fresh water, etc. So I am talking with him in the coop when I see this little red hen huddled into the back of a metal egg box. She was trying to hide. I picked her up and she just about fainted in my arms. He told me he 'found' her like that yesterday and if i wanted her it seemed like she took a liking to me. I tucked her under my coat and continued with the rest of my site visit. Afterward I ran her home and took the rest of the day off. See now what I have gotten myself into???????

This is 'Hope"

She is NOT moulting. Has no feathers on her back, under her wings, on her butt, under her belly on her neck and on the top of her head. There are a few trying to come in on her back. Feet and legs look good. Has mites. No runny discharge, eyes bright and clear, breathing clear, poop ok. skinny. at 11AM her crop was totally empty. I brought her home gaver her some baby bird vitamins, water and some food. She did eat - was definintly hungry, and did drink well. She is resting on the floor of my laundry room taking a sun bath on a towel. WHY do I get myself into these????????? Like I needed another one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really dont think she would have lasted another day or two in those conditions.
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Thank God for people like you!!! poor thing
you should share a pic when her feathers come back and shes looking good again
Good job Fishnet; it can sometimes cut in on your pocket book.. But We've done the same a couple times, going to other peoples homes who couldn't take care of the birds and brought them back to health (all with their permission of course, they were friends of ours and eventually called us to come pick up the birds). Sometimes though, the birds you get from it are definitely worth all of the trouble; the others were rehomed or in the case of one manfighter- chicken and dumplings.

God bless,
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Heck, I'm excited you found another rescue. Don't know why. Anyway, she looks alert and ready for the world. I'll enjoy seeing her get to be a 'real' chicken again.
yea, it is wierd. It's like it was just meant to happen.
they just always seem to find me. My DH is not pleased, but he'll get over it. She has settled into her cozy crate in my laundry room. She is snuggled into many soft towels with food and water and treats of course. She is going to be a fiesty girl. She has already gotten her pistol back and wants to jump ontop of the crate and check out the world.She is going to be a handful!!!!!!!! But, I have a lot of affection for her already. that was quick.

I am wondering what she is. I figured a RIR, or a RSL, want sure because so much of her feathers are missing. From what I could get to really see finally, her neck feathers are a dark DARK chestnut brown. looks almost like a little bit of black streaking in them as well. The down part is a tan. but different that the neck feathers. Her wing feathers are also that dark dark brown. Not like my RSL brown.
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Thank you for rescuing her! You are so kind to give her the loving care that she needs. May she live happily ever after and provide you with many eggs!

And if you don't want another chicken, I can always take her for you...
Uh oh, you live in Ohio. Too far away, I guess...
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