Research has me a little leary, can I stop the Sulmet and start Amprol

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    Aug 26, 2009
    I've been reading alot about the treatment of Cocci and have thankfully gotten alot of helpful advise for many members here. Thank you all!

    When Martha became sick with Cocci all I could find was Sulmet so I medicated her with that (she unfortunalty has since passed) and also started medicating the entire Flock. In the meantime I ordered the Amprolium and it just arrived via Fedx. Since Sulmet, being a Sulfide, is known to be much harsher on the birds than Amprolium would it be wise to switch at this point.

    They have been on Sulmet since the 18th at full strength (1 oz per gallon of water), today I lowered the dosage to 1/2 strength as recommended and it says to continue with that for four days. If I continue with the sulmet to the end of the dosage should I use the Amprol after?

    In Mr. Brown's article he suggests to start with the Amprol then use the Sulmet but since the Amprol was not immediately available to me... well you know.. I went with what I could find.
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    I've used sulmet without issues. I generally follow up with some probiotics after treatment to rebuild their good intestinal bacteria.
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    Feb 6, 2007
    I, too prefer the Sulmet over the Amprol. I've never run in to a problem with Sulmet. I think the concern is if its used long term then damage more than likely would occur.

    To me Amprol is better before the over load because its more of a preventative to start with. That said, I have both here should I need them.

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