Researching Chicken Laws in Sumter County FL

I looked up your county ordinances (you're not far from me). I'll paste the info below, but it probably depends on how much land you have so that you can follow the buffering guidelines.

Sec. 13-640. - Farm and non-farm animals.
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Intent and purpose. Farm and non-farm animals in agricultural and rural residential zones are permissible as a permitted or special use where indicated by use Table 13-431A. In addition to the other provisions of this chapter, it is the intent and purpose of this section to provide for such animals in a manner which will benefit agricultural uses while having the least possible adverse impact to other land uses.


Animal densities, buffers and shelters.




For purposes of computing densities of animals, the land area in which the animals are confined shall be used rather than the gross area of the parcel upon which the animals are located.


Offspring of any of the permitted animals shall not be computed initially as additional animals; provided however, that when any such offspring reach a stage where they are capable of sustaining life independently of the mother animal, or when they become three (3) months old, whichever occurs first, they must be relocated to other eligible sites within thirty (30) days unless the size of the confining area permits the number of animals to be accommodated without exceeding the density allowed.




Where animals are confined at densities which require special use approval, a minimum buffer distance of fifty (50) feet shall be provided between the animal confinement area and the property lines of adjoining residential, commercial and institutional parcels. This buffer may be increased by the special use approving authority.


Shelters, pens or corrals (except loading pens) temporarily housing more than five (5) livestock or ten (10) fowl shall be located a minimum of two hundred (200) feet from any residence on adjoining property and one hundred (100) feet from the property line of any adjoining property designated residential, commercial or institutional.


Exemptions. The provisions of this section shall not apply to household pets. Alligators shall also be exempted when farmed in accordance with the FAC Chapter 68A-25.004, as may be amended, "Regulations Governing the Operation of Alligator Farms."

(Ord. No. 2015-17, § 3(Exh. A), 9-22-15; Ord. No. 2016-06, § 3C, 4-26-16)
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Looks like you have some good info from @Hobbits Mommie. Best of luck with your property search!

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