Respiratory disease, culling and sanitation

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    I just culled my flock of 12 birds, due to an ongoing respiratory issue since late September (sneezing, congested, 5 deaths). My plan is to start over with new chicks this spring.

    I've seen some people say this will stay in the ground for a year and other people say that respiratory bugs can only exist about 3 days outside the body.

    Does anyone have any accurate knowledge of this?

    I did not have any post mortems done, so don't know exactly what bug it was from, just something that appeared when I purchased started chicks from a breeder (who claimed to have healthy birds, and he must have brought something in as I saw he sold his entire flock shortly after my birds were getting sick), feed thru crumbles nor herbal supplements did not help.
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    Not knowing what disease your birds were infected with makes it difficult to figure out what the course time would be for repopulation. A necropsy would be best. Here's a link with incubation and course times for respiratory diseases in poultry:
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