Respiratory disease HELP !!!

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    i recently got given some silkie hens that seemed fine so i put them with silkies after a week. BIG MISTAKE then one of silkie i was given got extrtemely ill her nose was blocked she was struggling for breath and her eyes were closed, so i kept her warm and humid and i gave her multi vit drops to keep her perky and i washed out her eyes three times a day after two weeks she had recovered

    However now one of my silkies is also ill. [​IMG] He is puffed out, his nose is blocked, one eye is shut and he gapes for breath. I thought he might have gape worm so i gave him fluverunt which i mixed into water and pipeted into him however it hasn't worked. Could it be infectious bronchitis or maybe mycoplasma if so what do i do since every where else says to cull him. !!!!!!!!!!!???????????????
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    Quote:Most likely you are dealing with a respiratory disease, not gapeworm.This is why strict biosecurity procedures should be a priority before introducing new birds to an existing flock, with a minimum of 30 days quarantine. This would give the new birds time to show symptoms of most illnesses and time for you to thoroughly inspect, treat problems, or cull if you decide to do so.
    If you smell a foul odor about the head/nostrils, you are most likely dealing with coryza. If there's no smell, most likely mycoplasma gallisepticum (MG.) If it's MG, I recommend treating with denagard. If it's coryza, you can treat with sulmet. Your other choice is to cull them. Here's a link to respiratory diseases, scroll down to Infectious Coryza and Mycoplasma Gallisepticum (MG) and read about them if you wish. The second link concerns denagard treatment for mycoplasma diseases:

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