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Sep 6, 2019
Hi! I’m fairly new to raising chickens and could use some help. My whole flock (30) is showing signs of respiratory issues. I’m currently injecting each with Tylan twice a day. How long should I continue this? Can my family still eat the eggs? Can you put tylan in their water? Thank you!
Welcome to BYC. What symptoms are you seeing? Tylan is only affective against MG or mycoplasma gallisepticum. If you are seeing a virus such as infectious bronchitis, no antibiotics are needed. Did you know that you can give the injectable Tylan orally to each chicken instead of injecting it? You can buy Tylan (tylosin) powder online for pigeons and give it in the water 1 tsp per gallon of water for 5 days. Change it every 3 days or more often, and always add the water into the powder when mixing. Here is where to find it:
You can have testing done to ID exactly what's going on with your birds, and it's a very good idea to find out. so you can do what's needed.
If you are in the USA, your state veterinary college will have help. In Michigan, MSU's veterinary path lab has testing information, for example, and swabs or blood samples aren't really expensive to run.

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