Respiratory infection, gapeworm, or what?

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    Aug 10, 2010
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    I tried to research the possibilities, and I'm still not entirely sure what I'm seeing with my Buff Orpington cockerel (March 22 hatch).

    It has been very very hot and humid lately, so there has been a lot of panting in my flock overall. I noticed the past few days that in addition to the periodic panting, he has been making a faint "raspy" sound that you can hear from several feet away, and it is frequent but not constant. He is the only bird that is making this sound, and overall he is being very active and alert, and no change in bahaviour or feeding. There is no other evidence of mucus or bubbling, no sneezing or active wheezing. I looked at his mouth and throat as best I could, and no evidence of parasites that I can see. I keep my birds in a combination coop/run at about 4.5 sqft/bird, and also supplement with "out time"... I use the DLM, and have been trying to keep it as dry and clean as possible.

    What should I do to treat this? I've looked at a lot of the recommended remedies for RI or parasitic infection, and they seem to be water-additive treatments, but I'm hestitant to do something like that to treat the entire flock (which is just now coming into laying), when he seems to be the only affected individual. I really don't want to lose this guy... he has a great sweet personality and is such a ladies-man with my girls. Any suggestions or advice would be great.... I am new to this whole chicken thing. I've tried to research extensively, but chicken theory-craft is an entirely different thing from having to put that into practice, so please go easy if I ask anything stupid. Still learning. [​IMG]


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    Jul 22, 2010
    if u want to treat him with a water solution feed it to him with an oral syringe.

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