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    One of my hens has a respiratory thing going on. She is mucasy in her nose, (blows bubbles occasionally) and is very wheezy. I seperated her and have her in the house now. I had 2 birds die last week with no signs of trauma, but I also had a racoon atack last week and thought that they might have been stressed out. I have given her some garlic and some yogurt with her feed today. I also gave her some Ve Rx and rubbed some under her wings. should I give her antibiotics or anything else? Is there any precautions I should take with the rest of the flock that were in her coop? Her wheezing sounds horrible. Between predator attacks and now this I've lost too many babies. any tips would be gretly appreciated. Kathy
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    The antibiotics would be up to you. Most people here would probably treat something like you described. Myself, I wouldnt treat it, if you know what I mean. Some would separate her, not treat, then see if she recovered on her own. However, depending on what she has, she could remain a carrier for her entire life and infect other birds.
    You can disinfect the coop-oxine is the best, but difficult to find except online. Other than that, not much to do except keep her separated and see if the others come down with it. I'm sorry about your hen.
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    Jan 11, 2007
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    So for the safety of the rest of my flock I'm guessing that I need to have my husband send this hen over the rainbow bridge. There is no hope of her recovering from what I'm reading and not being a carrier. Any one have anything hopeful to say or had a chicken recover from a respiratory thing? Kathy

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