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Wow, we finally have a hot one burning here in Nor. AZ. and I am just wondering the affect the heavy smoke will have on my flock. We are about eight miles from the fire and safe from flames but the smoke settles into our little valley very fast and very very thick.
I have put out extra water with electrolytes and fed extra treats to keep every one calm and hydrated, but with our cold nights and mornings that keeps the smoke down you cannot see the coop from the house. The coop doors are all opened to allow air to pass through but at this point we are just trading old smoke for new.
Are there any respiratory issues I should look for?
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Gosh I don't know. All I know is that plenty of fresh circulated air (as you are trying to do) would be best. Also that less smoke inhalation occurs at a lower level as smoke rises. I am sorry you are having to deal with this situation and hope its over soon
Hang wet sheets or cloth around the coop wire/door/windows to filter out the smoke. A mister would also help if it doesn't make the birds too cold/wet. Put a fan/fans in the coop doors/windows blowing outwards to keep the smoke away.
We had fire in our area, the Humboldt fire, on our ridge and in the surrounding area for some time, my area was evacuated for a week, but we came in during the day to put water on the pet shelters and soaked what we could to keep them alive. My birds, Llama, goat, etc did not suffer any immediate distress, we kept them as cool and as calm as we could (with Helicopters flying overhead with water dropping on us, bulldozers coming up to our fenceline, and at one point the fire fighters jumping our wire fence on one side of the yard to go through to the back of our property through another wire fence). I did not lose any of my flock to respiratory issues. We started having a huge increase in predators afterwards though, as the local "wild" food supply had been devastated. Good luck and take care, hope the fire is under control soon, and you are all safe.

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