Respitory medicine?(Help!)

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    Jan 8, 2011
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    My chickens have colds & i was wondering what type of medicine I can give them & still eat the eggs?
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    Chickens don't get "colds." There are many respiratory diseases the do get and many of them can be fatal and cause the surviving chickens to be carriers of the disease and able to infect other birds. Do a search for respiratory illness and you will find a lot of information. You also might want to answer the questions at the top of the forum about their symptoms and maybe others can help you figure out what is wrong. There is a sticky at the top of the Emergencies forum. So sorry your birds are sick. Good luck to you.

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    Quote:The Warden is correct. Try to answer these questions and we will try to help. Please don't give human medicine to avians unless it's approved by an avian vet!

    The questions link:

    And with respiratory issues you need to be sure to note every detail, including any smell in the coop or from the chicken.

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