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    Jan 25, 2008
    Last Saturday I brought home 9 new pullets ranging in ages from 2/3 months up to about 5 months. They are all sick with a slight cold but the youngest Buff has this cold worse than the others!! She is terribly congested and when I put my ear up to her I can hear her rattling on every breath.
    I started them all immediately on Terramycian (sp?) at the rate of 2 Tbsp to 1 gal water, changing it daily. I am not seeing/hearing any improvement...
    I just left the feed store with Chlortetracycline powder and now for my delimma...
    1) should I continue the Terramycian or
    2) change to the Tetracycline - and if I do change how much to 1 gal water (the packet states 2 to 4 packets per 100 gal)
    is there something else I should do/ try????

    ps: I'm also starting them back on the starter food for the med in that as well....
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