Rest in peace Rosie


11 Years
Apr 21, 2010
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Today I'm here with very sad news... my lovely girl Rosie passed away this morning from unknown causes.
My mom called me this morning to tell me what happened.
She was apparently lethargic yesterday, because when they let the flock out to graze in the yard she didn't want to follow. My mom immediately came on the forum to see if anyone knew what was wrong or if there were any previous postings about this kind of behavior. When she didn't find anything, they called a couple of veterinarian, who were all already home for the day. My sister remembered me saying that sometimes the lowest in the flock won't get as much food, so they put her in the temporary coop I made last weekend with extra food, heat, water and love. This morning they went to check on her, and she had already passed away in the night.
They didn't call me yesterday, they knew it would just worry me when I couldn't drive home to help (I'm away at college).

I'm absolutely devastated. I love all my Chickens, but Rosie was such a sweet girl...
If anyone knows anything about what this could have been- it would be a real comfort. I just hope it isn't something the rest of the flock could catch...

This is the last picture I got of her.

So sorry to hear that - she was a beautiful bird. I am newer to chickens but have a good friend who has had them forever and has very healthy beautiful birds. He tells me sometimes you will lose one to a "mystery " issue and actually i have read that in other places - not that this makes your loss anybetter - but ...

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