Rest in peace, Susan

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  1. Susan was always my swetest chicken. She would get on my lap, and not want to fly off like the others did. She laid until she was four years old and then she got sick. She was sick, on and off, for about two months. Sometimes her comb turned blue, and she would sit on the roost all puffed up and pitiful, but sometimes her comb would turn pink again, and she'd play outside as usual. I never knew what was wrong with her. I came home at five today, opened up the coop,and found her dead. She had a good life, long for a sex-link. I'll miss my little lap chicken.




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    Sorry to hear about you losing Susan. [​IMG] Sounds like you provided her with a great life. Hang in there!
  3. I'm getting chicks this summer, knowing that my three and four year old sex links aren't going to last too long.
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    Susan was beautiful, I'm sure you were as big a comfort to her, as she was to you.
  5. Yeah. Chickens are great bad day therapy, and Susan was my bad day therapy chicken. Sometimes, when she was sick, I would pick her up and cuddle her--she was so emaciated toward the end...
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    So sorry. I like her name.
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    I'm very sorry. So many sweet souls have come and gone from here that I know I have little chicken footprints all over my own heart. They go through so much to produce that egg day in and day out. Rest in peace, Susan.
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  8. I don't blame her for burning out. The way she produced those eggs, day in and day out, week in and week out, month in and month out, for four years. She is getting well deserved rest. That doesn't mean that I don't miss her though. My next batch is going to be multi purpose girls, so they don't burn out so quickly.
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    Susan was a precious girl, I can see that. I'm so sorry for your loss of you baby. [​IMG]

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