Restarting and Cleaning an Chicken coop

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  1. Ramims

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    Mar 14, 2017
    We just bought a house and it has a large chicken coop. My question is how do I prep and clean it to make sure that any birds I introduce into wont get sick, because I dont know how long its been sitting empty. ( longer than a year for sure)
    It has a dirt/ sand floor.
    I know clear the weeds and check the fencing. Thats a no brainer. It has a hot wire on it too. We have predators.
    My concern is disease.
  2. ChickenGuy512

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    Mar 17, 2017
    I would look up how to clean a coop from mites, because mites can be some of the toughest buggers to get rid of, I would bet that doing a mite sanitation would clean it of just about anything else. I've heard of people using a diluted bleach solution or dish soap and water. Some people use oils and Diatomaceous Earth (although now we're getting pretty mite specific). Since it's been so long since there were birds in there last, I would personally just do the Dawn dish soap and water spray.

    Good Luck!
    Hope this helps,
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  3. cabincreations

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    Mar 12, 2015
    I would bleach it good, let it dry to kill all disease, and to kill any mites sprinkle a box of borax all over the floor, roosts, nesting boxes etc and let sit for a couple of days.
    I use borax every time i clean my coop in this way, but just a little mixed in with the shavings and it keeps a coop lice and mite free.
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  4. 21hens-incharge

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    Mar 9, 2014
    Northern Colorado
    There are sprays made for treating roosts and keeping mites killed off.
    Cackle hatchery sells them in their supplies section. It may be va good place to have a look at several options before getting all kinds of chemicals involved.

    Personally I would replace the roosts and nest boxes as those are the most often infested spots. That is for mites.

    As for diseases most would already be done for if it has been at least a year. I cannot think of any off the top that could survive in the litter for that long but I am sure there are some.

    To get the floor ready for new chickens any remaining droppings from the last occupants should bge removed. That means you may need to bring in some new dirt.

    Please do not clean any coop without a dust mask, gloves and safety goggles. Histplasmosis is no joke.
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  5. ChxLadyCass

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    Mar 2, 2017
    La Junta, CO
    I had a lice outbreak, so I sprayed my coop down with permethrin spray. It's so easy to use and pretty cheap too. You can keep it on hand in case of a lice or mite outbreak, but fingers crossed that won't happen! Just be sure it is all aired out if you use bleach, as it can cause respiratory issues in your chickens. If you have the time though, a good bleach will probably take care of all of things all at once! Good luck!
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