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Discussion in 'Meat Birds ETC' started by backbeat, Jan 19, 2018.

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    Jan 19, 2018
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    I read about rest birds in fridges But what if your doing 20 -25 or more birds ?
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    Jan 16, 2018
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    You have a few options: clear out your fridge, use large coolers/large clean plastic trash cans with ice or ice water for the rest period, or immediately freeze your chicken and let them rest after thawing them in the fridge (before eating).

    A couple of notes:
    I dont butcher more birds than will fit in my fridge at one time, but that's bc I'm too lazy for the cooler method. (I'd have to go buy ice for the coolers, watch the temps in the coolers for 3 days, and keep the ice replenished). It's good to note, however, that many many people do this quite easily and is probably the most common method when butchering more chickens than will fit in the fridge.

    When using the cooler and ice method some people recommend sitting the chickens on top of ice (not in ice water) and opening the cooler drain at the bottom so the melted ice water escapes. Just add ice as needed. Some folks, however, just use ice water and drop the chickens in the 34-40 degree water. Add ice as needed. If you are parting your chickens immediately you can avoid meat wash (when meat turns whitish bc it is in direct contact with and soaking in water) by putting the parts in waterproof bags and dropping those in the cooler.

    Also, you may want to consider parting your birds before resting- you can fit a lot more chicken in a small fridge if they are all parted. I like to cut out backs, necks, wings and freeze those immediately for stock and chicken wings. Then I'm left with only legs and breasts which I'll let rest in the fridge... Those take up a lot less space!
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  5. backbeat

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    Jan 19, 2018
    North Bay Ontario Canada
    Thank you for the tips

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