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Feb 6, 2008
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So results are in...but its not TOO great...
: (

Remember the 20+ eggs back then that I gave to a Kindergarten teacher to hatch out as a class project?

Well, the chicks hatched since yesturday but until earlier today, only 8 made it, out of 20+ eggs? Hummm. Thats very low, don't you think? The eggs were candled a week before and ALL were developing and well off, dunno what triggered so low hatches.
It seems as if the large eggs hatched, but the bantam eggs didn't.

Is there anything she CAN do now?

Since the first chick started to hatch on the 19th, how long should she go until giving up on the rest of the boys and girls?

I recommend by late tomorrow, if the rest won't hatch, then they probably won't, but I am not TOO sure because I want them all to have a fighting chance.

Hope to hear from ya soon! : )

- Tommy
I had two classroom hatches. One was a first grade teacher and she had a 90% hatch rate cause she listened to everything I said! LOL! Now my daughters 2nd grade teacher....there are 24 eggs in the incubator and only 4 so far have made it! He did not listen and his humidity was low...etc......
So not much of a hatch, but I pick them all up tomorow so we will see.
I will keep my fingers crossed for your kinder teacher, hopefully more will pop out.

I hope you find more have hatched by this morning. There is not much they can do at this point but keep the lid on the bator and make sure the humidity is up around 70%. With no one at the school over the holiday weekend, I hope someone takes the babies home and broods them properly. It is possible to have some hatch as much as 3 days later especially in a still air incubator as there are cool spots.

The thing is though, even after the "12 hour shut off", the lowest it went was 70 so from 100 to 70, the average is till pretty high, 85F average for the 12 hours and what happened was...

She candled since then, and a week after, and saw there were further growth and developement on all of them, so that means that non really did "initially" died...because if that power outage did get to them, they wouldn't be growing 7 days later


So yeah, dunno whats the cause of the low hatch this time...just wanna know so next time we can do better.


- Tommy

Oh well, still praying!

PS: Still happy that the kids enjoyed and learn something from it. I thought it was just sort of a bummer for such a low hatch rate for the kids.
I figure at least they got to watch somthing hatch! LOL

I am gonna grab everything tonight and let you all know the total!

Good luck to the kids!
hey that is not a bad number. Out of 30 eggs I think there were besides the quail only 15 made it....but hey its amazing they even made it from the low temps and humidity. LOL.

good job!

What are ya gonna hatch next?!

Oh wow!

Not bad for you. Thats 50%. Mine fell more towards 38%. Haha. Oh well, as long as the ones that made it makes it through. There will be plenty more hatching out from my backyard and my incubator here @ home so no worries on being short on chicks. Just too bad for the kids...they didn't see the bulk push out : (

But yeah! Soon, I will have about 40+ chicks from just home hatching alone both from moma hens and from my incubator. Hehe

Gonna be my busiest (however you spell it) Spring Quarter yet. Tons of chickens to look after, school (20 units), Internships...MAN will I be in and out a LOT. Haha

- Tommy

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