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8 Years
Feb 9, 2011
99 there anyone that can direct me to a website that can tell me the percentages of certain color matings? I've been offered a free white peacock and was wondering what results I would get if he sucessfully bred with a blackshoulder and a cameo peahen. And even that info may not be correct. I was told the peahens I have are cameo but what I've seen, I don't thinks so. So, I would like to just find a good website that can help me figure out color genetics. I don't want to take up this forums time by constantly asking what will I get if I mate such and such with such and such!
Type in the word peafowl genetics in your search engine and a number of info choices will come up,, Breeding your white male to other colors of females like bronze or charecoal or cameo or most any thing will produce all blue chicks but will carry a white gene. Itis the next generation that will make a difference. After you study come back and ask the questions.. connerhills,, home of the violete
Ask here for specifics. Several of us are quite familiar with color genetics in peafowl.

On top of George mentioning all chicks will be split whites, out of the black shoulder, the chicks will also be blue split for black shoulder. Out of the cameo, all blues but only the boys will be split cameo because cameo is sex linked.

It would be a good idea if you asked what the white male was out of, as white is not really a color. It's basically a gene that prevents any color or pattern the bird has from showing up visually. A white could be white eyed purple black shoulder for example but you would never know it by looking at it. And crossing one of those with a blue bird would give you surprises....
Unfortunately, I know this white male will have no history for parentage. He was given to them in trade for 3 guineas AND they were assuming it was a male (although it appears to have a" half" train starting, because it has quarter inch spurs. When I asked if they were sure it was a male they said, "yes, it has spurs".

And as far as the 2 hens I have, its the same. Not sure what lines beyond their appearance is.

I also have 2 india blues that the mother is a pied india blue and father is india blue. They are 1 year old in june. So, they are still pretty young and not really showing any color other than india male has whited leg feathers

I sure im going to pick this bird up no matter what the gender is and color matches, I think it would be in better hands to bring it into the presence of other peafowl.

I have my aspirin ready and getting ready to check out the link!

Wish me luck! I know ill be back, lol!
Ok. I ttried to understand but, whew! Aspirn needed! Can I ask a what the results would be from a couple different scenerios?
And the progeny potential breeding results?
1. IB split to pied x blackshoulder =?
IB dad IB, mom beautifully marked pied. Blackshoulder unknown history
2. IB split to pied x purple blckshoulder =?
Same IB, purple blackshoulder unknown history
3. Pied x blackshoulder=?
4. Pied x purple blackshoulder=?

$94 '6 w hens (blackshoulder and purple blackshoulder) what results could be achieved with breeding to? What results would be best?

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