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    Mar 26, 2007

    I've got a small, issue with my EE Eagle. She's chosen a spot outside of the yard to lay her eggs. Yesterday, being home, I watched her. She and her boyfriend (he he) Goldie, wandered around the front yard. She disappeared and Goldie paced around a while. I quietly went out and found her back under the rolled up hose line beside a tree. I've been taking her eggs from there and even showed her where the real laying boxes are again. But she keeps going. Later, she disappeared again and Goldie started crowing. I found them both under a bushy tree where she'd made little nest-like holes all around it. Maybe she's dust bathing there, but I don't know. I think she's kind of safe because Goldie watches out for her and he can be protective/aggressive. But I would prefer she use the nice clean warm hay in the nice clean warm nest boxes I made. Should I worry? Am I trying to micromanage? Or can I teach her to lay where we want her to lay.

    Oh BTW, she'd been laying there for a little while and when we first discovered her hiding place, we found 3 eggs there. Could she be going back to that place looking for those eggs?
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    You might need to keep her locked in the coop for a day or so.....or at least until later in the day, after you know she has layed. I had to keep mine locked up untill noon, untill they got the idea. LOL Now, not a problem, only the occasional egg in the run...I think they just didnt know it was comeing! LOL

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