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7 Years
May 25, 2012
Northern California
I'm Jan from California and I grew up on a small farm with a fairly large flock of around 25-30 hens plus their chicks. A new henhouse has been constructed in the back section of my property for my new flock. I currently have 3 babies (2 Barred Rocks and one Buff Orpington) and am going to select 3 adults from a friend's flock tomorrow. The babies are outgrowing their current "coop" and will be transitioned into their intermediary home some time this weekend (yes, I know they can't be put in with the adults just yet). Since I have already named each of them, including the ones I haven't picked up yet, they will be pets, and as such strictly layers and not the evening meal. I'll report back later on the breeds of tomorrow's acquisitions.
I'm a little late on the adult chicken report
But I have ensconced the three ladies in their new henhouse & chicken run. They are Lady Camille (the white one), Lady Henrietta (the large red one), and Princess Sophie Auguste, who has yet to be identified by breed - she has gorgeous gold flecks on her feathers, almost looks like lace.


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