Revamped my hen house today-

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    My girls went from a 8X10 inside space to a 10X24 with an additional 6X10 space off to one side where the roosts are at- They are so happy with their new digs- except I had to physically place them each on the roosts tonight..they were a bit confused about where their beds had gone. Their outside run is 10X20, plus they get to free range on our 3 acres every evening... I have 14 hens, 3 barred rock pullet chicks, and I am expecting a cackle hatchery surprise in a couple of weeks-
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    I have 50 7-week olds who I turned into their new run today. I had to put them out of their coop, more than 4 sq ft per bird. They all ran back in the coop at first. But a few hours later, most were happily pecking the new grounds. The yard is about 75 x 75. They only checked out the edges of the grass and weeds in it.

    I was worried about getting them back in the coop at dark but it was no problem.. I turned on a 60W bulb in the coop around 6 PM, and at dark they went toward the light in the coop.

    Chickens don't like change much but will adapt with a little time. And they do like lots of room.

    Lots of folks have to teach about using roosts for a while. They will catch on.

    f I were you I would brood the new batch in the coop, at least after a couple of weeks or so, though separate from the older flock til their sizes are about the same.

    Good luck.
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    Quote:Sounds like a chicken paradise.

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