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  1. hello,
    i would like reveiws on these for incubators and what would be the best choice for a breeding program i am going to start up hopefully next year?

    1.)Brinsea mini advanced
    2.)brinsea octagon 20 advance
    3.)brinsea ocatagon20 eco auto turn
    4.)brinsea octagon 20 advance eco auto turn

    if you have any other incubators please feel free to add them and leave a review

    would also like a 5 star review for each

    thanks in advance,

  2. anyone??????
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    I think it depends on how many chickens you are planning on hatching at one time. I saved up and bought a Dickeys incubator and a Dickeys hatcher. Now I can hatch up to 100 chicks a week and have. I personally prefer the cabinet incubators, they hold up to almost 300 eggs, because you will always need more room to incubate. The Dickeys are stackable, made out of wood, reliable, and you get to talk to the owner of the company when you call.

  4. not that much about up to 20 than selling extras. i want one that i can sit and watch them hatch from all angles too

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    We have a Brower Top Hatcher. It's got auto turner and we have done several hatches with chicks, 1 of ducks and 1 with button quail. It seems to work pretty well. My fav parts are the entire top is clear acrylic plastic. So a really good view of the hatching for our kids. It holds up to about 40 chicken eggs. Best part is it's SUPER easy to clean and sanitize. You can even place the main part in the dishwasher! So the cons are the's a bit finicky. Sort of a wagon wheel type that ever so slowly moves the eggs back and forth. I've had trouble with the turner stopping and have had to moniter it quite a bit. Overall I think it's a pretty good deal for the $$.
  6. I like the HovaBator 1588. It holds 42 eggs in the turner, I've been able to cram 60 eggs stacked in there. I like the digital display a lot, and get 100% hatch rate on my own eggs most times. $134.95 at

  7. right now i have a hovabator 1602 N its forced air and i have used it one with only one chick to hatch out of it

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