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    For all of you that have a problem with neighborhood dogs and skunks, here is a GREAT way to solve your problems. I know no one wants to hurt the dog, the dog owner is something else and most want to relocate the skunks. This will handle both. Catch the skunk in a live trap and take it to the dog owner's home. Now they can't be home at the time. If they have a doggy door, place the trap next to it and let the skunk out. Bingo, right into the house. If they don't have a doggy door, let the skunk loose is the garage, barn or shed. The skunk will not spray you is the trap is covered. This is what a co-worker did to his neighbor. The man didn't like the roo waking him up at 6 A M, so he sent his dogs over to solve his problem.[​IMG] Geno caught a skunk and now the neighbor has a real problem, his dogs went after the skunk in the house. It must have been quite the fight. I am betting they don't live in that house for some time.[​IMG]
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    Thats evil, but I LOVE IT!! [​IMG]
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    why in the world would you put a wild animal into someone's house??? that is malicious destruction and punishable by law.

    a. trespassing
    b. home damage
    c. a person could be injured or worse
    d. inhumane treatment of the skunk
    e. how are the dogs at all responsible? why should the be punished?

    'paying people back' is a childish way to handle things. we have law's and people to enforce them. there are mediators, courts etc.

    i am not usually one to post on these topics, but this was over the top not smart advice as we have many kids/teens/young people that get direction here!
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    So is the killing of livestock by loose pets.

    Seriously, lighten up.
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    Quote:again, that is why we have law enforcement. it's not a matter of being light hearted, it's a matter of not using the system in place.

    i can appreciate all opinions on the topic, as well as feel free to voice my own. it's an opinion, that is all.

    also, i don't have to change my opinion just because someone feels i am 'too serious'. the personal quip isn't necessary.
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    Quote:If you have read any of my past posts, you would know had the dogs been on my property, they would now be in doggy heaven. Then I would deal with the owner. For those city dewellers that move into the country, they need to know living here is not like living in the city. The rules are all different. If you have animals that can't be trusted around other critters or people, both they or you will pay. Just won a court case with a so called know it al from S F. The following day he put his house up for sale. We may just buy it to get rid of him and his family. They have been nothing but trouble since they moved in. It is a mircle that one of the local kids hasn't done any more than put a few knots on the boys heads. Just because you come from the city to live in the country doesn't mean you know it all. Living here is not like the streets. Try some of the street tack tics on a country boy and you may find out just how much you don't know.
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    that is hilarious!!!!! i just filed it in the "if anything wont work" memory banks. ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Dec 25, 2007
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    Hmmmm I could put Nugget through the doggie door?
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    Hmmmm I could put Nugget through the doggie door?

    Sure, but whatever you do, DONT WAKE HIM UP! [​IMG]


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