Rheas or emus?

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  1. i want to get ether rheas or emus, (1 male and 1 female) which one is less agressive and will tolorarte confinement. also, could you people list some places that sell live haching emu or rhea eggs? thanks! [​IMG]
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    Ebay has Emus ocassionally, think they do now.
  3. could a pair of ether birds live in a third of an acre? [​IMG]
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    I vote Emus.... I have herd Reas can be more aggressive, but I've never owned one. Best to get babies either way, that way they get use to being handled, and everything you can expose them too.

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    Feb 7, 2008
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    emu ours stays out with the ducks and geese. but when I add another duck or goose she spends the whole day chaseing it. plus she likes to jump over in the mallard pen which we have to go and pick it up and toss it back over the fence. weights 100++ pounds now. takes two of us to pick the lazy bird up.
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    Dec 21, 2009
    I favor Rheas more than Emus, they are prettier and more elegant, and the males make cool sounds, and do a nice mating display in spring, however the males can get aggressive if they are hand raised because they will have no fear of humans. Emus are not as easy on the eyes, but they are the tamest and safest of ratites, if you raise them up from chicks then they usually will become a big baby. Some can be aggressive, usually females, but i've never had a hand raised emu attack me. Also, emus have the prettiest eggs, large and dark green. Rheas are getting harder to find and will be a little more expensive.
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    i have a emu named elmu. we got he when she was a baby. She is very protective of my two and three year old. she sits in the little pool with them and wont let anyone but me and my husband or mom near them. i love my elu she is almost a year old

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