Rhode Island Red @ 10 wks, rooster?


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Jun 4, 2011
Good afternoon to you all. This is my first post and because I literally just came to the realization 2 of my chickens I had been looking at are in fact rhode island reds, not red stars (like 2 others)!! This chicken got the big comb very early on but because I was mistakingly thinking she/he was a red star I kept telling myself it's not a rooster, it's not a rooster! But my gut always said it seemed like one. It's demeanor has always been different, it looks completely different than the other one of the same breed, bigger, and even sounds different already. So, you guys tell me.. is it a 'cokadoo' as my 5 yr old calls it? I read the only sure way to tell is by the saddle feathers.. being pointed on a male and rounded on a female. I am a beginner to the whole chicken keeping thing if you hadn' t guessed, so I'm not even sure what the saddle feathers even are!

Best pics I have.. thank you so much! If it is a 'he', any suggestions on how to rehome him?

one of the left from above (sorry these pics are so large but i guess it may help haha)



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Apr 10, 2011
a place
It's a rooster. RIRs make beautiful roos though, so if you can I would keep him!
By the way, the saddle feathers are in between the wing and the tail, the shiny ones on top. And
Good luck with your roo!
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Oct 2, 2009

And I thought the comb my 10 week old BR has was big! Are you /sure/ he's only 10 weeks old? Wow!

Roo for sure, that comb is gigantic!

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