Rhode Island red \ Americana cross


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I have been reading about the red and black link chickens. It looks like they put a Rhode Island Red or New Hamp Red over a half dozen different types of hens to get the sex link. Has any one ever put a Rhode Island or New Hamp rooster over an Americana hen? I dont care if they are sex link but would like to get an olive, green or blue egg in higher numbers. I wonder if they produce better than the pure americana?
It won't be a sex link. To make a sex link the hen has to be either barred (black sex links) or silver (red sex links).

I've crossed easter eggers with brown leghorns cause I wanted to increase egg size and production. I have girls who lay huge pale green eggs that won't fit in an egg carton. They lay like crazy and are just now slowing down for the winter. I bred them to a black sex link roo and have some pullets that probably won't start laying until spring, I figure I'll get brownish or khaki colored eggs from them. The problem with this cross is the cockerels won't be very nice for eating, with the leghorn blood.

My easter eggers actually lay pretty well on their own. About as good as my rocks or wyandottes. Not on a level with the sex links or leghorns.
I dont care about the sex link trait, just hoping for some hardy egg laying vigor. May Just have to try to find some one to hatch some for me to try.

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