Rhode Island Red Laying Hens For Sale!!

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  1. Hey Everyone!

    We have 7 Rhode Island Red Hens here for sale [​IMG] They are about 1 year old and laying strong [​IMG] I want them to go to a good home so I am first turning to BYC. Thdy do not have names but they are pretty tame [​IMG] Let me know if you are interested [​IMG] Pick up only [​IMG]


    P.S. Feel free to ask questions and I can put pics if you want [​IMG]
  2. Bump [​IMG]

    They need to sell FAST!
  3. jerseybillfromva

    jerseybillfromva New Egg

    Apr 18, 2010
    shenandoah county
    where in virginia?
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  4. I PMed you [​IMG]

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