Rhode island red Poop on butt HELP ASAP


7 Years
May 18, 2012
so recently i have notice one of my Rhode island reds has had problem walking and has lost some weight, but it seems to be eating and drinking water just normally. my parents say to watch it because they think it may have a disease what should i do please help.
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well I don't have this breed and it MIGHT be a disease if I were you I'd separate it from the rest of the flock (If it's easy) intil you know whats wrong.
Has the loss of weight been fairly quick?

Have you dewormed your chickens?
Hi and :welcome from Ohio. So glad you joined. If the only sign is weight loss, I would first worm and then put some vitamins and electrolytes in their water for an added boost. What are you feeding? You may even up the protein level for awhile. :thumbsup

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