Rhode island red rooster with Black rock hen


7 Years
Oct 22, 2012
Just hatched a chick from a Rhode island red rooster and what I was told was a Black rock hen. The hen is black with a little red under her neck. Does anyone know what breed this chick would be?

The chick is black with white under its chin and white wing tips.
It wouldn't be any breed. It would be a mix/mutt. That said, it's a chicken. They don't know or care what breed they are. LOL

Oh, and welcome to BYC!

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Out of 8 eggs I ended up with 3 RIR's and 2 Mutts. I'm pretty pleased.
They are all mutts, just some look more like the rir parent.

What one of the hatcheries up here sells as black rocks are black sexlink hybrid layers(rir over barred hen), by the sounds of it thats what your hen is.
3 were from RIR rooster and RIR hen. I bought the so called Black Rocks from an individual seller. Not a hatchery.
If you know the cross you can make black rocks too, so by the sound of it someone either bought day-old black rock chicks and sold them to you or they bred them themselfs. Either way. a good laying hybrid. Usually have a nice temperament.

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