Rhode Island red..rooster?

Pretty big comb! But I have gone back and forth on some of mine so much I have no idea! Are the legs thicker than your other chicks? You might want to post on What breed/gender is this or the Rhode Island Red breed thread.
Thanks! I didn't even know there was a specific thread for these things.

I got three different breeds, so I don't know if it's accurate to make a comparison between them. I ordered three chicks from MPC and one died, then the replacement ended up being a rooster, and now this one is looking boyish lol. I'm getting a little frustrated!
I'm in the same boat with having different breed so can't compare. And I have found that I'm almost always worried that one is a rooster. And it's almost always a different one.
My current theory is until they crow they are pullets!!! LOL
Yeah he looks like a little roo roo. My birds are mixed also. From a single clutch I'll get big chicks with little combs, little chicks with big combs, big combs with small wattles, small combs with big wattles, etc. Sometimes I'm not sure until they get almost fully feathered, then the saddle & hackle is the tell.

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