Rhode Island Red Roosters in Southwest Tennessee

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    Aug 30, 2012
    Michie, Tennessee
    ROOSTERS HAVE BEEN REHOMED! THANK YOU! I have four, pure bred RIR cockerels, 5 months old, just starting to crow. These are gorgeous boys, a beautiful dark mahogany red. Well, I actually have five - but I am going to choose one to keep with my hens. [​IMG] These young roos have been raised together in their own "bachelor pad", and I really hope each one gets a new home with a flock of pretty ladies to take care of. However, I have to be realistic. If they end up on someone's table, so be it. They are not pets, so that's okay with me if they are treated humanely and responsibly. I am close to the Northern Mississippi border, and about 3 hours from the Huntsville, Alabama area. I won't ship these birds, but I would be willing to drive a reasonable distance and meet you. I can send pics to anyone interested. Thank you.
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    What part of michie you at. I live here 2

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