Rhode Island Red TRUE Heritage breed, any keepers here?


11 Years
Jan 6, 2009
Tampa Bay
According to reports they are becoming rare and in threatened breed.

"Rhode Island Reds" sold by most of hatcheries are so far away from the standart , they are a joke.

Bred for egg production only, they are becoming lighter in color and weigh, look fluffy, and lay not very "brown" eggs, sorry there is not much meat on them, they are no longer "dual purpose breed".

If I want maximum egg production I go for Leghorns White or Brown.

Egg shell color has very little to do with taste, it is WHAT DO YOU FEED THEM.

Contemporary "RIR's reds eggs are light brown due to infusion of other breeds.

I remember my mother raised some RIR's in the 50's and 60's they were mahogany brown, brick shaped, they weighted more than they appear to weigh ( just like Dark Cornish).

And they laid plenty of large DARK BROWN EGGS rivaling color of most of Welsummers and Marans of today, but they laid much more than Wellsummers and Marans.

And they have lots of delicious meat on them.

I'd like to help to preserve this magnificent ORIGINAL breed, so any input from people who have them is appreciated.

Also does Sandhill have a decent RIR's ??

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