Rhode Island Red won't walk


9 Years
Jun 18, 2010
I have Black Australorps and RIR's along with 6 meat birds in my backyard. When the BA were in the brooder I had one that her little foot curled up. Someone suggested maybe it was a vitamin deficiency. So I put some in the water. She never fully recovered but was always able to walk. So she just is slower than everyone else. Well now I have a RIR that is several months old. She was fine one day and the next won't use her one leg. I thought maybe the rooster or another bigger hen got to rough with her. Although I've never seen anything like that go on. They all seem to get along fine. I had my daughter lay her by the food and water. I thought I'd let her rest. Went out today and she is just laying and pooping on herself. I cleaned all the poop off her backside. The poop is also a weird neon green color. They eat Scratch and Peck soy free food. There is no green in any of her food. I've got her inside in a dog kennel now. Before she'd stand on one leg. Now she won't even do that. She just lays theres. But doesn't seem in pain if we pick her up, will drink some water if offered. Not sure what I should do.

Kathy in WA
Check her foot for Bumble Foot. It looks like a large bump with a dot in the middle. It is an infection that chickens can get when they cut their foot and something gets on it. If it is Bumble Foot quickly get rid of it, because it can be fatal.To cure, The affected foot should be cleaned thoroughly with Vetericyn VF, a Betadine solution or soaked in water containing dissolved epsom salt. Mild cases can take a 'wait and see' approach but they tend to get worse. Some cases can be treated with the removal of the scab and the application of Vetericyn 2-3 times a day until healed.
More advanced cases may need to be surgically treated and some may require a course of antibiotics. Failure to treat this infection can be fatal. Ideally, a chicken with bumblefoot will be treated by an avian veterinarian.

taken from http://www.the-chicken-chick.com/2011/07/bumblefoot-causes-treatment-warning.html
Hope this helps, good luck and hope your chicken is ok
I just had a meat bird that had that. I just processed her early. The RIR does not have that. Foot looks fine. I can't see any type of cut or sore.
I've been hand feeding her a egg yolk mixed with some cottage cheese, flaxseeds, chia seeds, a little of their feed and honey. My girls caught a wild chicken at their horseback riding lessons. This chicken is older and sort of adopted the baby RIR chicks. When I first brought the RIR in the house she was only moving her head. Yesterday she started to move her wings a little bit. Today we brought the wild chicken in to visit with her. She stayed with her all day. Then we put her back out in the coop. I think the RIR chick was looking for her. She managed to rock herself side to side enough to get herself turned around to where the other chicken had been sitting with her. So she is improving. I'm handing feeding her and giving her water every time I go by her downstairs. Still no idea what she has but at least she is getting better. She has also bonded with our pug. When my pug goes over to snif her the chick will lay her head on the side of the dog, almost like she is hugging her. I thought maybe she was getting lonely since she went from being scared of the dog to welcoming her coming and sitting with her. She REALLY liked having the other chicken come in today. So hopefully she keeps getting better.

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