Rhode Island Reds, Cochins, and Americanas

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    Jul 18, 2010
    We currently have 2 week old, and 4 week old chicks available:

    2 Week Old Chicks:

    34 Standard Rhode Island Reds - $2.00 each
    2 Standard Albino Rhode Island Reds - $2.00 each
    10 Standard Partridge Cochins - $3.00 each
    8 Standard Black Cohins - $3.00 each

    4 Week old Chicks:

    33 Standard Rhode Island Reds - $3.00 each
    4 Standard Black Cochins - $4.00 each
    4 Standard Partridge Cohins - $4.00 each
    4 Standard Americanas - $4.00 each

    Please by all means email us if you are interested in any of the above. We are willing to discount on orders made of 6 or more chicks.

    As of this time we do not ship any poultry, rabbits, or pigs. We will meet within a 5 mile radius of our farm at no-charge, any miles outside the 5 mile radius we charge a delivery fee of $.30 a mile that will be added to your final purchase amount.

    All chicks are sold as straight run. We can sex them for you if needed. However, please remember that sexing chicks is no science and it is only an 80% accuracy.

    We attend many Poultry & Small Animal Swap Meets. We do take reservation orders for each and every swap that we attend. You can create a reservation order for any given swap, by emailing us, with your name phone number and cell number, we will provide you with a list of swaps that we are attending. Then in a reply email let us know which swap you want the reservation for and then your order. All reservation orders must be picked up and paid for by 9:00am on the day of the swap that your reservation was made for. we reserve the right to re-sell your reservation order, if you do not pick up and pay for your reservation order by 9:00am on the given swap date.

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