Rhode Island Reds Losing Tail Feathers and White butts

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  1. lisamariexd

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    Feb 5, 2016
    First off, 13 month old rhode island red hens, in Minnesota, about a week ago we found blood in the coop other issues:
    *Chicken 1, Sayde, has been losing tail feathers like crazy, but no visible skin
    *Both chickens have white dry butts, like chicken poop, not sticky or gooey.

    So far we have:
    *Fed yogurt and applesauce mixed with mealworms.

    They were laying until a week ago, then suddenly stopped.

    Any ideas? They are apparently too young to be molting, we are very concerned!
  2. Alexandra33

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    Actually, I don't think they're too young to go through a mini-molt, because I have some 9 month olds who are currently losing all the feathers in the head/neck, vent, and tail areas. Do your girls otherwise seem fine? Eating and drinking? Energy? If so, they could be just molting. [​IMG] Some pictures, if you have any, might help. [​IMG] Hope to hear from you soon!


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