Rhode Island Red's Poultry Plucking


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7 Years
Oct 21, 2012
East TN
I have several chickens of different breeds, however my Rhodies, one inparticular, is plucking feathers from the rest of the flock. Is there an easy fix to this problem or do I just need to remove the problem poultry? I have heard it is a riboflavin(B2) deficency that affects Rhodies primarily, and my ladies are on a complete feed layer pellet,scratch feed and grit. They get plenty of free rangeing. any thoughts?
I would be curious to know too. I just got six rir hens and thought they were moulting, but heard that they will not lay when they moult. I am getting 4-5 eggs per day. I should post pics tomorrow to see if someone can tell me what it is.

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