Rhode Island, stopped laying, neck and back swollen, comb fallen over

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  1. jentav

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    Nov 22, 2010
    2.5 year old Rhode Island Red overnight became listless, her comb turned pale and fell to the side, the back of her head and body seem visibly swollen, she has trouble walking. She was closing her eyes almost constantly as if exhausted. Symptoms for 48 hours, ate and drank food that was fed to her yesterday but not today. Her body is slightly pulsing like she has an egg but we couldn't feel one in the duct, we already tried a warm bath. She seems to have a yellowish diarrhea. No medications have been given. She is now quarantined away from our other two birds who are not showing any symptoms. We cannot afford to take her to a vet.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated.



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