Rhode Island Whites - just showing you mine

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    Just wanted to show off my 1st RIW trio, yes they are backyard quality and yes they are straight comb, this is accepted in Australia, so please don't blah blah blah me with your correctness it can be annoying for everyone. They are my starting point and I'm very happy to have them as my grandad in the UK used to breed whites and reds and I have a soft spot for these big gentle brick shaped birds. The roo is seriously laid back, such a nice guy. I have on order an 'A' grade rose comb rooster and pullet from this years hatch (arriving soon hopefully) I'll grow them out over summer and be ready for next season breeding, not done any hatching from these guys yet, if I do it'll be for the freezer I think, they weigh a tonne (well not quite but they are heavy)

    I know I have to tighten up the tail feathers and work on their size, I have one really good sized girl (same weight as the rooster, he has a fair bit of filling out to do yet thou). This rooster will not be my breeder, he isn't wide or big enough, he can hang out with my mixed flock and improve the meatiness of them.

    One girl gives me about 4-6 eggs a week regular and the 2nd girl hasn't quite got into her lay yet she only gives me about 3-4 eggs a week.

    Please enjoy the photos, in order Rose, Dude and Fleet


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    Nice birds and they look like my RIR, , only white.. My 2 hens have a comb as large as your roo Dude. It actually flips over to one side due to height of it. (both of mine ) . My hens are farmer quality. Just out of curiosity, If you mixed your RIW with some RIR, what would be outcome??? What color eggs do your hens lay?.
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    hey cavemanrich
    The straight combs on some roos just seem to keep growing don't they :) RIW and RIR are seperate breeds and I know people have mixed them up but the colour always seems wishy washy and pretty chickens never really come out of it, it's hard to find good heritage lines I think for that same reason, lots of messing about with mixed breeding them over the years. My whites lay slighty off white pinkish eggs that are a good size.

    Thanks for your reply, post some photos of your reds if you like.

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