RhodeBars & Crested Cream Legbars Singles, Pairs, Trios, ETC.

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    Anyone wanting to Get some RhodeBars or Crested Cream Legbars? I have a few local breeders next to me that charge decent prices for them and I have seen their beautiful stock and offspring. They sell day old chicks but since they are past the day old mark by the time I get them I figured I could brood them up until they are safe to ship again and ship those to you guys and gals.

    The prices are as follows:

    Pullets (Picked up from me as soon as I get them) - $30.00 each
    Cockerels (Picked up from me as soon as I get them) - $15 each

    Pullets (Shipped) $30.00 + Feed, Brooder (Power), and Water Costs until time of Shipment
    Cockerels (Shipped) $15.00 + Feed, Brooder (Power), and Water Costs until time of shipment
    PLUS Shipping Charges which will be calculated prior to shipment.

    To make it easier, here is my idea on how I can price them if buying so many at a time...
    Price of chicks, Plus 1 Bag of Chick Starter (I don't buy the cheap stuff sitting on the bottom of a shelf for years, these chicks cost too much to gamble. I will either use TSC Medicated Feed or Support My Feed Store that has been supporting my small company and get their Feed). The more chicks I brood at one time, the less the power costs as it can be divided between each chick, same for water. This will make things cheaper.

    So what do I get out of this? I get to document the growth of the chicks, take many pictures, and to keep records of who I sent these chicks to so that I can work with each person and to always ensure we all have a new bird to introduce into our flock that was maintained and bred well so that none of us ever have to worry about our birds becoming inbred.

    Im going to mark these chicks with toe marks so I know which Breeder I got the chicks from. I will do my best to send everyone unrelated chicks. I am buying some for ourselves just because I have dreamed of owning them way before Greenfire even brought them over here. The parents of these chicks actually are much better looking than the ones I have seen on the Greenfire website. So I think they may have been improved on some already. I am planning on buying 30 each 10 from each breeder in my area so that I can have separate flocks to work with. If anyone wants any please email me at [email protected] so I can get your deposit by paypal and go pickup the chicks from the breeders. I will then send photos once I have your chicks and keep you updated on the progress until the weather warms up so that I can ship them.

    As a licensed NPIP Tester of the State of SC I can test these chicks and Send proper paperwork for the chicks if requested and if you are a NPIP Member.

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