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    Feb 2, 2010
    Boulder, Colorado
    The chickens seems to like tearing up the leaves of the rhubarb. I can't tell if they're eating it and I know the leaves are poisonous - is it somehow safe for them or should I fence it off?
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    May 14, 2008
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    I would put fencing around the plant. I'm not sure if it's poisonous to chickens like it is to humans, but better safe than sorry.
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    mine had a liking for the same thing so i did a bit of research on it. general consensus that i found was that yes it is poisonous but a small amount won't kill them as the toxic chemical in it takes a bit to build up to fatal levels, but it does stay in their system i think. so yeah keep them away from it as it will harm them but don't lose any sleep over them already having eaten a small amount.

    i'm no expert and this is only what i found out looking online myself a while ago so if anyone knows any better, or more, i'd love to know too [​IMG]

    all my rhubarb is in the fenced off area of the vege garden now...

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