RI Red Chickens, Nice Quality Chickens and Hatching Eggs

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    Apr 26, 2010
    Louisville Ky
    Have incubator full, will be hatching all winter long, 60 chickens every 7 days as long as i can move...

    buy now for spring egg layers... ordered 50 per box shipping boxes, guess shipping about $15.

    asking $2.50 per chick, day old straight run prices.

    have some a month + old, feathered out. $2. more. ($4.50) ea. to large to ship

    have nice RI Red hens, and 2 Roosters, quality breeding stock. no mixed breeds

    Fertile RIR eggs for incubating @ $.85 ea...... Can mail 18 eggs for $30. includes S&H ....

    need payment before mailing... That gives me time to collect eggs.....

    call or reply Roger 502-807-9605 Louisville Kentucky 40291

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