RI Red walking like a penguin with feathers down - help!

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    Mar 22, 2012
    She's been walking around slowly and upright for a week with her feathers dragging. She's eating and drinking and I don't feel anything hard inside her, but she's a bit puffy maybe? I've heard maybe egg bound but no idea what to do about it. I heard warm water but how? She hates water and I'm not bringing her inside..
    Any ideas?

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    Sounds like egg bound. You can take a tub of very warm water, like a plastic dish pan, and let her soak in it. She may normally hate water..but she may enjoy it this time. It helps relax their muscles to try and pass the egg. Also you can take some mineral oil, olive oil or some type of lubricant and insert it in her vent... It can help her pass it. Sometimes giving extra calcium helps. But since it's been going on a week, a vet would really be her best bet..... Sometimes the egg has to be broken, and passed...hopefully without cutting up the insides.... And the bird put on a heavy antibiotic to prevent infection.
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