Rickets? Muscle disorder?


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Jul 22, 2019
I'm at a loss. Ive posted here a few times but everything I try does nothing. Please no negative comments as putting her down is my last resort. She's just shy of 20 weeks now. Ive been to the vet and just today he called and said he think its rickets. I couldn't find much online about it. Before his call I was leaning towards muscular dystrophy. Shes my favorite duck and i really dont want to lose her so if anyone has ANY idea on this please let me know


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I am not that familiar with ducks, but know that niacin deficiency is very common in ducks. You can give human vitamin B complex or another source with plenty of B vitamins daily to see if there is improvement. Dosage is 1/2 tablet or 1/2 ml of the liquid daily. I will tag @Miss Lydia for more advice, since I am not sure if treatment now will undo damage that has already occurred.
Ive treated and treated for niacin def. OTC niacin, b complex, water dissovable niacin, EVERYTHING. No sign of change whats so ever. As a yellow baby she started going bow legged and I dosed her with niacin and she was better in 2 days. As she started getting white her legs changed drastically. One day she walked, next day she didn't.
I do not have the bag as I pour the feed into a container but ill look next time i buy it (probably this coming week) but I'm pretty sure its Purina duck. I just switched them to that from Orshlens Poultry 16% flock. Also that is a VERY good article!
I am not sure at this point much can be done for her except maybe a wheel chair which you tube has many links to how to make one or a sling for her to sit in.
Did the vet rec any treatment? Quite a few have disabled poultry from chickens to geese. Sounds like you are very dedicated to her so maybe you should look into the chair or sling. I am going to go read up on rickets in water fowl. Isn't that lack of vitamin C?
Rickets is caused by a calcium or phosphorus imbalance or deficiency, and vitamin D also is involved. Having all of those in a balanced diet are best. Fresh dated feed can be helpful, since stale feed can lose some of their vitamins and minerals. Niacin can be supplemented without disturbing the balance of the others needed. Here is a link about chicken slings and chairs:

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