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    Jul 31, 2013
    Hi everyone! New parent of 8 hens
    6 we have are 5 months old now, and two are two months old now.
    We have 5 white leghorns which one just started laying last week (9 eggs so far!! ) , one rose comb brown leghorn, one white crested black polish, and then our sick one... A black cochin. Here's a list of her symptoms...

    -had a cold about a month ago which weakened it
    - stopped growing
    - started eating and drinking less
    - doesn't poop as much as the others
    - her feet now are loose and the bones soft
    - she has a hard time breathing, she raises a little to breathe and opens her beak a little
    - she has a hard time walking...unless I pour some seed out for her lol her special treat
    - she sleeps all the time
    - she is a black cochin, but she now looks like a black cochin bantam...she is so tiny
    - she is two months old but looks the same as she looked at a month old.
    - she still walks around but just doesn't have the energy like she use to have
    - she recently had an impacted crop- which I gave her some olive oil and massaged it and now it's gone.

    So today I did a lot of research about the possible diseases, viruses, parasites that she could have and I fell upon rickets.

    After researching about rickets symptoms they sounded just like what she had. So I started researching what she would need to cure it. Phosphorous, calcium, and vitamin D. I ordered some vitamin and mineral powder and some DE, just in case she might have something else going on.

    I then looked up what foods/vitamins that have phosphorous, calcium, and vitamin D in them. Egg yolk, yogurt, and cod liver oil were what I found to be the popular choices. So after sending hubby to the store for some yogurt and we already had some liquid soft gel Cod Liver Oil and of course we had egg yolks... I put a special concoction together.

    Sonny, my black cochin that's sick, she absolutely loves seed, so I took a handful of seed in a bowl, a handful of their feed, a little water, 6 capsules of Cod Liver Oil, a spoonful of yogurt, and a scrambled egg yolk. After thoroughly stirring it up Sonny actual waddled fast over to the bowl and chowed down on it for a good five minutes.

    I'm going to keep checking her, making sure her crop doesn't get impacted again. I'm hoping and praying that all this works. I'll keep everyone informed to the progress.

    So far she has ran to eat the concoction three times and she is drinking water. She ate it with such excitement, haven't seen her eat like that in a month! man I hope this works, would break my heart to lose her.

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