Ride bike with my pet chicken

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    Mar 11, 2011
    I really don't know where to post this question but I really am hoping someone can suggest an answer. I love to bike and love to get my pet chicken to ride with me! I love my pet chicken and I'd like to take her around with me! I see there are many bike basket for cat/ dog but wonder if my pet chicken will be ok riding in those. Does anyone have any suggestion? I know this is a strange question!


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    Not all that strange. I have heard of two people doing this. If the chicken doesn't mind, I don't see why not. Just go slow. You don't want to wipe out and hurt her.

    Get a little chicken helmet :gig
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    Mr. Clucky has a Facebook page (but it hasn't been very active of late). He is not my chicken. I heard about him on tv and found out he had celebrity status around Miami. Anyhow if you want to check it our, here is a link:
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    I have never heard of doing that, but, you could always cover the top of the basket with some kind of poultry mesh to make sure she stays in the basket. As long as she isn't gonna jump off and get hit, you should be fine! I have never thought of doing that with my chickens! Hmm...
  5. When I was young my girl Molly used to ride on the handle bars of my bicycle all the time. When I would go down a hill she would put her wings out like she was flying. It was soooooo cool. To this day the memory makes me smile. If I would have had a basket it would have been awesome! I would start slow and see what she thinks about it.

    She used to ride on my gocart as well. Now THAT was funny.
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    The Polish on my arm started jumping on my back when being hand fed. This progressed to sholder riding in he yard, then on the top of my head. I would find a friendly bird, and carry it around (with treats), and practice, practice, practice. You are going to have to build alot of trust. Pick the right bird, and there is a chance.
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