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  1. getting chicks from my local Purina saturday! they get their chicks from Ridgeway and i want to show a chicken next year

    besides their RIRs being production reds, hows their stock? i'm hoping its at least moderatly ok
  2. looks like i'll have to find out myself

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    Jan 14, 2008
    Probably no better or worse than most hatchery stock. Which is to say most will somewhat resemble the stated breed but very unlikely to get any that represent the breed well.
  4. Quote:i figure they have production reds instead of RIRs and stuff like that
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    If your planning on buying hatchery stock for the purpose of showing, I wouldn't plan on placing. Part of showing is learning and interacting with knowledgable breeders and show people about their breeds and birds, it's alot of fun and exciting/rewarding. If you realy have your heart set on showing buy decent stock, find a breeder, or go to a show and buy some show stock. Starting out with birds that don't have a chance in any show won't help your show experience, breeding anything close to show stock is very far from any hatcheries agenda. I would like to see you have a good show experience and having at the least something that can place will only help you stay in the show ring.
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    Generally speaking, your chances of getting exhibition stock from a hatchery are pretty slim.

    However, taking a bird to a show is a fun day. Go and have a good time, just don't get your hopes up.

    If you enjoy the show, you will be there with the show breeders and their nice quality birds, so that is a very good time to pick out a breed that you like, and a breeder who suits you (patient, shares information, has birds that you like). You can usually buy show birds right there at the show.

    If you are interested in showing, I suggest that you invest in the APA Standard of Perfection and study it carefully.

    It's a great hobby. I hope you discover that you enjoy it.
  7. Quote:i once got a what appeared to be show quality GLW from someone who got her from McMurry, its possible even from even the hatchery that is known for inbred birds

    i know, i just plan on having fun and showing people my birds, cthe chances of winning would be the same of my cat swallowing a whole hotdog [​IMG]
  8. i got my chicks today! one of the GLWs obviously has a single comb, oh well

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