Rigged little giant nw Fl.


11 Years
Sep 14, 2008
Milton Florida
I took a Dynex - 3.125" CPU Cooling Fan and installed it into my incubator. Seems to work great, temp is climbing a bit, need to get it re ajusted. It is mounted to the top, and connected to a 9 vlt battery. Plan on wiring it into heating element, and instailling a switch.

I have more if someone wants to trade eggs for fans.

Next project, making an egg turner for under 15 bucks. This might be a trick, but I love to tinker.
I have an idea for a turner, but not really sure if it would work...I was thinking you could get some window screen wire, and run it (a bit long) between two pieces of pipe (or rods or whatever). It could be wrapped around one, and by turning the other 'rod' and twisting it around the other, this would roll the eggs. Might have to put some small pieces of flat wood or something between the rows, so the eggs would stay put and roll. Let me know if you try it!

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