"Ring of Death"

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    I'm new here and I joined the site to learn more about raising chickens. I recently acquired some hatching black & lavender Bantam Cochin eggs, along with some mixed breed eggs. The bantam eggs are on day 7 and the mixed are on day 6. My eggs are currently in a Little Giant Still Air incubator and the temperature stays at 99.5 Fahrenheit and the humidity relatively stays at 50%. I have been noticing that some eggs develop a "ring" with no obvious signs of veins. I have included a couple of photos to show the rings which I am describing from two different bantam eggs. Could anyone help me identify whether or not this is the "ring of death?"


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    First :welcome !

    Then sadly Yes, those do look like blood rings. Those styrobators are sort of difficult to use. The most important thing for it is a stable environment, if u can stuff it in a closet that won't be opened unless ur tending the bator, or a spare room, whatever, it makes a big difference.

    If your ever in doubt tho, u can leave the egg in, and continue to watch it, unless it stinks. That way you can learn what Exactly it looks like to You. Another approach I still use is to cook the 'clears' I pull to cook for the birds. This way I crack open every 'clear' and it allows me a measure of sureity so I know exactly what I'm tossing. Stinkers or leakers should be pulled immediately, or else you might have a rotten egg explode in your incubator, nuff said? :sick

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