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7 Years
Nov 15, 2012
Hi...my hubby and I just moved to Ringwood NJ and I wanted to start raising some chickens. Can anyone on here tell me if my town allows this? I know they do in some parts just not sure if the laws are town wide or if you can only have chickens in certain areas. Thanks!
Hi, I was wondering if you ever found the answer to your question? I have been searching and searching and can't find information. I too live in Ringwood and just got some chickens. I of course came across one person that said I can't have them, but I don't necessarily believe him. Any information would be awesome. Thanks,
I know this is very late to this thread but I just moved to Ringwood and inherited a few chickens and coop with my property. After 20 years living in Manhattan I have a lot to learn about raising chickens! Anyway, it turns out you can have chickens in Ringwood with a few limitations on where you can keep the coop and run. I've pasted the pertinent ordinance below:


40-9.1 Agricultural and Horticultural Uses.
Agricultural and Horticultural uses, including customary farm occupations and land which qualifies as farmland as defined in subsection 40-2.2 herein, where permitted, shall be subject to the following conditions:

a. Building utilization for horticulture, for raising and housing agricultural crops, livestock and poultry and for any other activity incidental to agricultural and farming uses is permitted provided that no building shall be nearer than one hundred (100) feet from any lot line except residential buildings which may be located in conformity with the standards for residences within those districts in which they are located.

b. The display for sale of products grown or raised by the owner, tenant or lessee shall only be permitted where:

1. The products sold are in their natural state;

2. The sale of such products is within the confines of the property upon which they have been grown or raised;

3. The place of sale or storage, whether of a permanent or temporary nature, shall not be closer than fifty (50) feet to any lot line; and

4. The sale of any such products shall also require that a suitable amount of off-street parking and loading space be provided as established in Chapter XXXVIII, Site Plan Review and Chapter XXXVI, Land Subdivision of the Revised General Ordinances of the Borough of Ringwood.

(1985 Code § 22-6.3.1)

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