Rio Grande Turkey Hen Hatching Chicks!?!Advice!?

Dec 14, 2019
A few weeks ago I noticed my rescue rio grande turkey hen going broody. She was puffing up and hissing at the other birds when they got near her nest. She had a few turkey eggs, some chicken eggs, and to my great surprise a few fertilized guinea eggs(we have a female guinea but no male)🤨I did some research and found out that hybrid (called a guin-hen) is possible, but not likely to survive very long ☹. Well today I went out to do waters for the animals and heard piping. I got excited and checked my broody hens. None of them had chicks and all had their same amount of eggs, so I was confused. Then I saw the turkey(her name is Turkules, like Hercules) and heard the piping sound. She has one chick out, and two more eggs hatching!(all chickenand guin hen the turkey eggs got stolen by a snake a few days ago ☹) Is there anything I should know or should I let her raise the babies? She’s been raised with chicken, acts like a chicken, lays eggs in the bins and goes in the coop at night. Should I take the chicks or let her raise them her way? Also name suggestions would be welcome 😁😊 the chick is Amerucauna x copper maran 😍


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