RIP Cricket


Apr 7, 2019
Milledgeville, Georgia
sad news! My dogs just barked at something outside. My husband got up to check on the ducks and something small like a muskrat or otter ran across the yard. Sure enough, he found Cricket. He said there was no blood, but there were feathers, and her body was already stiff. It makes me wonder if she had already passed earlier in the night, but that would be a big coincidence. She was kind of sickly, and she couldn’t see very well and separated herself from the other ducks.
I looked around this morning now that it is light outside and found this. Can anybody tell what this poop is from? Looks like whatever it was snacked on some seeds.
I could be completely wrong here, but those look like the droppings we would find after skunks had been spotted around our property. Of course, there are many here more knowledgeable about this than I.

My condolences for your loss :( I still think about my Cayuga, Jade, that I lost to a raccoon a few months ago.

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